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We provide top quality professional interpreters for all types of international meetings and events.

We are specialized in Japanese and European languages (especially Italian, English, French, German, Spanish), but we offer interpreting service in other languages as well.


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We are able to provide a global service, meeting your specific needs.

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    Below you will find the different types of interpretations that we are able to offer you.

    Liaison Interpreting

    For business meetings, visits to factories or plants and negotiations. You might be new to the country you’re visiting and simply need someone to translate for you when you go to the doctor or dentist.

    Simultaneous Interpreting

    For international conferences, this involves immediate translation via earphones. We are able to propose top qualified professionals and, upon request to supply the needed equipment, including cabins, earphones and an audio-technician.

    Consecutive Interpreting

    Used for conferences, work meetings and official meetings, it is not an immediate translation. The interpreter takes notes of what the speaker says and gives a summary to the audience every 5 to 10 minutes.

    Whisper Interpreting or Chuchotage

    This involves immediate translation in a whisper to a maximum of two delegates with or without earphones which we will supply upon request.

    Telephone interpreting

    A fast growing kind of interpreting allowing to connect in the same conversation, through internet based platforms, two or more speakers using different languages, without having the interpreter physically going to the place where the conversation is taking place.

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    We exist because of our customers and we are very grateful to our customers who have made us what we are today.

    Top quality intercultural service at the right price.

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