Quality Assurance

Project Assessment & File Analysis

● A Project Manager evaluates the subject then selects, test, and assigns the most suitable translator.
● New translators undergo rigorous screening after initial application, and staff translators are reviewed after each project according to client and peer suggestions and ratings.
● Each project is scheduled to allow for timely delivery, review, proofreading and contingency plans.

Source Code and Format Remain Intact

Advanced industry tools such as Wordfast and Trados are employed to temporarily filter out text strings for translation. After translation, the text strings are built back into the original code and format. This ensures the translated strings preserve functionality and that there is no risk of lost code or formatting.

Consistent Terminology

● During the translation process, a glossary is gradually built up and stored. When terms from the glossary occur in subsequent sections, they are automatically identified and translated accordingly.
● This ensures that throughout the project, (whether if be a catalogue, user manual, or any other text) terminology remains consistent, which is especially important when safety or legal concerns are at stake.

Translation Memory

Our system constantly analyses each sentence of source file to match any identical instance in our database and extracts the corresponding translation without repeated work. This boosts the efficiency of the project cumulatively and you pay for less production time.

Proficient Translation

Only experienced, in-country translators who have native fluency in the target language and specialization in the source language are employed by Koala International Services, Ltd.. More importantly, translators are matched to projects based on their knowledge and familiarity with the source subject.


During the course of production, the Project Manager monitors each project to keep track of progress, performs quality control checks, and adjusts any irregularities to ensure punctual delivery.

Editing and Proofreading

The finished translation is read through in comparison with the source material to ensure that the context and meaning have remained unchanged. The project is then submitted to proofreaders to correct final mistakes and typos.

Final Check

The Project Manager is responsible for the final review of the entire project, ensuring that every aspect of the client’s initial requests have been satisfactorily met and can be guaranteed.

Client Approval

The client receives and examines the final product and responds with comments or feedback. Any amendments are discussed and re-worked. Koala International Services, Ltd.’s policy is to consider every project incomplete until the client gives final approval.

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