Having settled its base in Kyoto, one of the richest sightseeing cities of Japan, Koala International Services Ltd. started to offer a sightseeing counselling service.

We offer you our help and knowledge of the city so that you will be able to optimize your stay in Kyoto, exploiting your available time at most.

You won’t be trapped in a classic tourist tour, because what we offer is a fully personalized service.  We are passionate of this town and we understand your language and your culture, plus we can speak Japanese and we will be happy to help you getting what you want out of your trip.

We are ready to welcome you at Kyoto Station and help you find your hotel and exploit the check-in procedures. Included in the service is a basic counselling. Tell us what you really want to see in Kyoto and we will try to help you optimize your time, suggesting you a possible itinerary.

We are ready to walk with you, so that you do not lose your way (and  your precious time) and a Japanese speaking assistant will help you buying tickets for bus, trains, renting a bike, during your shopping or at lunch or dinner time.

No need to say, we are ready to listen to your needs and settle a tailor-made course, and we’re always updated about ongoing events like traditional festivals and similar.

All you need is to do is to contact us and we will start working to your personalized visit of Kyoto.

Just have a look to those who were happy to ask our help before!

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