urbino locandina

Urbino, ancient town of tradition and culture, recognized by UNESCO as a “World Heritage”, offered the right hospitality to the event, that took place from May 10 to 15, 2000, under the sponsorship of the authorities of Urbino Municipality, Pesaro e Urbino Province, Marche Region and of the Japanese Culture Institute.

Urbino’s major Artistic Institutions beyond offering their sponsorship, provided an active cooperation allowing the spreading of the event on the whole territory, with 4 different venues: Ancient S. Chiara Monastery (nowadays seat of the Superior Institute for the Artistic Industries – I.S.I.A.), Raffaello Sanzio Birth House, Viviani Gallery (nowadays seat of Raffaello’s Accademy) and Palazzina Sabatelli, located in St. Ippolito.

The exhibition was divided in five sections:

  • Modern Art: “Homage to Italy” Oil Paintings, Water-color Paintings, Pastels, Printings and Photographs.
  • Traditional Art: Traditional Japanese Paintings, Leather Handicrafts, Mask of the Noh Theater, Kimonos
  • Plastic Art: Artistic Ceramics, Modern Handicrafts, Wooden Carving, Bronze Sculptures, Traditional Japanese Dolls
  • Italian Culture: Art works by Urbino’s artists
  • Calligraphy: Traditional and Modern Japanese Calligraphy, including avant-gardes

The event met with outstanding success and received positive comments by the media.

Photos by Andrea Donati Photography

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