Closely cooperating with Associazione Armonia, based in Frascati, Koala International Services, Ltd. meant to present an immediate overview on a country still believed to be “too far away” from our culture, but still able to fascinate us, particularly with some of the practical disciplines, born within its cultural tradition, but now well known and popular also in Italy.

Program included, beyond a permanent exhibition of works of Japanese Calligraphy, of Raku Ceramics, of Bonsai and Ikebana, three photographic displays, together with a number of demonstrative sessions concerning Tea Cerimony, Ikebana flower arrangement, Origami as well as Raku ceramics techniques.

The event “Fascination from Japan” took place, under the sponsorship of Japan Embassy, Rome Province, Frascati and Monteporzio Catone municipalities, from September 22 to 30, 2001, gaining the enthusiastic participation of public, particularly in occasion of the demonstrative sessions.

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